Accidentally uninstalled windows driver, don't know which one

Hello people who are smarter than me! I was using device manager to uninstall some things that I needed to remove from my laptop, and I clicked a strange line of text that I didn't recognize. It looked similar to something I had recently deleted, so I figured that I just needed to uninstall it as well. Turns out, at the very end of that long line of text had the words "windows 10 driver" and I had no option to cancel at that point. So, I wanted to see if it's a major concern, or if it's not really important. From what I could find, I don't have any of the obvious issues. My display is still up, I have audio, I have the keyboard, mouse, usb, all the things I use regularly work just fine. My only real concern is that removing that driver might have consequences that I CAN'T see. I would love any advice that you have.
The drivers in the Device Manager can reinstall themselves if the hardware still exists and it is detected on the next reboot. That is probably why you are noticing everything is OK still.
Thanks for the info! would this cause an installation window to pop up? or would it just update without any issues?