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accounts lost, files gone!

By ckck
Jun 14, 2005
  1. This is very strange that I have never encountered.

    The OS is Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, and the laptop is half-year old. There was only one account, Administrator, when the welcome screen opened and requested to login. After logged in, from the Documents and Settings folder, I saw a lot accounts were created with many personal files on each desktop folder.

    I went to control panel to create a personal account with admin's privileges and activated guest account.

    I then clicked switch user to try login to new created account. After login and open some applications, such as word, explore and IE, I then clicked restart the computer, a warning message said there are other users are still login, I then clicked log off instead restart. DISASTER THEN BEGIN ...

    The welcome screen only shown 2 accounts, personal and guest. The administrator's account was gone. I clicked restart computer, the same warning popped up, but I have no way to logged in the administrator's account to log off the user. I then just clicked restart the computer.

    The welcome screen shown the same 2 accounts. I logged in that new ceated personal account, and open explore to check if those accounts were still there. I found all the folders were there until "desktop" and all the files and folders in that desktop were all gone! I went to control panel to check how many users exist, it shown only 2: the new created one and the guest.

    Can anyone help or explain? Thanks!
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    The Administrator account is hidden by default in Windows if you have another account available with admin privileges. Administrator is supposed to be used only in Safe Mode or domain environments.

    You can press Ctrl-Alt-Del twice at the welcome screen to get an old style login window where you can type in the user name.
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