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ACER Aspire 1350 unable to boot or recover

By snarfgirl
Apr 5, 2006
  1. I have been having problems with my ACER notebook booting for a while. It first started to shut down automatically at various times, leaving me unable to successfully reboot for around ten minutes after automatic shut down. When computer did eventually reboot i encountered an option screen with the various booting options. After this happened for a while i was advised to use the system recovery disks. Halfway through a full recovery the computer shut down automatically. I am now left with a completely wiped hard drive, with no operating system and it still will not allow reinstall windows. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with my problems!! I am suspicious that i may have a boot sector virus. I have no idea what to do now... is there any hope of saving my computer?
  2. rama

    rama TS Rookie

    Somewaht similar but with a blue screen

    hi Snafgirl
    I am having a somewhat similar prob.
    Mine is a TM2300 laptop and is now showing a bue screen with unmountable boot volume and keeps on restarting
    It does not have a floppy drive so no options of using the hitachi disk testing software
    If u do get a solution please tell me
    Coz i do not knw whether it is my HDD or anything else which has failed
    And the recovery console just freezes
    Its really frustrating
    Mine is a HItachi travelstar
  3. nene04630

    nene04630 TS Rookie

    trouble with acer recovery

    HI I have an acer aspire , a short time ago i had problems , I lost the I386 file so so decided to recover the system, the following problems occured:
    First the system kept turning off halfway thru the recovery this I found out was a problem with the heatsink , it had to be replaced, when that was done the recovery just hung up, this was because the hard drive was corrupt, ie , it had been parcially reformatted, a new hard drive was required , cost about £50 for a 100gig drive, but what you need to make sure is that the new drive is completely virgin other ie no partitions then the recovery should work, im writing this from my recovered acer machine
    hope this helps
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