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Acer closing gap on HP in notebook market

By Justin ยท 18 replies
Aug 10, 2009
  1. Early last year, Acer quietly slipped past Dell in global netbook shipments to become the number two vendor worldwide. Since then it\'s been a struggle between the two, with Acer generally coming out on top and continuing to widen the gap. Now, Acer is preparing to claim the number one spot, potentially usurping HP as the largest notebook vendor in the world.

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  2. I can't stand Acer myself, feels like it is built cheap.
  3. JudaZ

    JudaZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 284

    Guest, thats because their are. Acer computers is mostly crap. Even if thier computers where better then HP, which ther really not. HP support is excellent (at least in my experience with them almost every day) Acer support is worthless..

    Who cars if the computer is cheaper if you cant get decent support if you get some problemes? Who even cars is Acer is numbeer 2 or number 1 in the world, if their products and their support still suck?
  4. I don't care if acer captures 99% of the market. I'll still buy HP. I've used HP products for 19 years and haven't had a single hardware problem I rest my case.
  5. The article said it best. Acer increased in consumer grade laptops whereas HP held it's lead on the business class model. Which translates to people who want a laptop end buying a cheap Acer because they do not know any different. Personally I have seen far too many dead and broken Acers on shelves to ever want one or suggest to anyone they buy one.
  6. Pretty much. As far as quality is concerned, HP has greatly impressed me. Acer sucks hardcore. I don't know why people buy from them.
  7. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 838

    I guess it's a matter of taste. There has never been anything for me to complain about when it came to working with an Acer. IMHO, It may not be the best, but it is up there with the others...
  8. acer eats HP's dust.
  9. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    There is little comparison between Acer and HP, when it comes to ruggedness and reliability.
    Acer eats nobody's dust... their second year reliability is among the lowest in the industry.
  10. "I can't stand Acer myself, feels like it is built cheap."

    I'm guessing you haven't had your hands on one of the new Gemstoneblue range with the Altec Lansing speaker etc, stunning quality and build on those.
  11. Also to add to that, we're all clearly forgetting the HUGE HP balls up with the Pavilion range and the faulty nVidia chipsets that have left many laptop owners without a machine outside of 13months!
  12. i ahve to admit that the old acer aspires get a bit slow and crappy after a year or two of use. Their new products like the Timeline or the aspire one are just incredible. hp is prob the only company that can keep up with acers ultra slim notebooks and soon they just gonna dropp. Id say after the 4q09, acer gonna be numero uno no doubt.
  13. lol, ur suck hardcore. u know nothing bout computers but to mess it out yourself doing whatever you do.
  14. I love HP personally but where i live i cant find any HP notebooks under 1000$ so i bought gateway
  15. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    Acer will perhaps be the number one in sales someday, with their eMachines, Acer notebooks, and every electronic component you can imagine... famous right now for their low cost 22 inch and 24 inch LCD screens

    But I am dead certain they will never be number one in Quality or performance or long life or good warranties on any of their LCD screens or laptops or eMachines.
  16. I have to go agree that ranking as number 1 or number 2 is of little importance if the customer support and service is poor. Acer has absolutely terrible support and service. They refuse to provide machine specs on products that are out of warranty and inform you that you need to obtain paid phone support!
  17. Yes, Acer is a poor excuse for a computer company!! It's like buying a cheap import knockoff of any name brand product. I bought my wife an acer laptop for school last November.....1 year and FIVE DAYS later the hard drive went out. When I contacted acer, they offered to anwer any questions I might have about installing a new hard drive they wanted me to PURCHASE! No discounts offered, not even an apology for poor quality! I bought the acer because I thought I was disappointed in the quality of my HP and Gateway computers, but at least those companies stood behind their products. After a couple of fruitless discussions with the acer rep, I told them I will buy another brand before I waste my time and money repairing theirs....they didn't even care!
  18. Oddly enough, I was once an advid HP customer until I spoke to their customer service. They offered no help and would not stand behind their product. As far as quality, I need only mention the HP/Compaq V6000 chipset. HP had a class action law suit against them which resulted in a no cost repair for 1 year. Lots of folks were never notified, including me. $600 for a piece of garbage which cannot connect via wireless because the motherboard overheats which 1st destroys the internal wireless card and eventually the chipset itself. Rendering it a useless piece of garbage. I still like HP however I'm open to other brands after this incident, including Acer.
  19. In October, 2009, I purchased an Acer Aspire laptop for my son. I brought it home and loaded MS Office as well as a Spyware security system. The next day when he went to use it, it didn't work. In addition to the operating system crapping out, the CD drive was also defective. I took it back to the store and receieved a replacement. Nothing but troubles: we've had to replace the keyboard, the touch pad and guess what? The operating system is corrupt. When I called to get the discs to replace the operating system (because the computer was too defective to allow me to make copies of it), I was charged $24 for it! GARBAGE! Never purchase an ACER!
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