AcomData External Drive STUCK Between Formats

Dec 6, 2015
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  1. AcomData 60GB External Drive, connects with either an older FireWire cable or any USB 2.0 cable. I was using it with an old G3 iMac for years and it was working fine. I ASSUMED it was just like a flash drive, and thought you could plug it into any computer and it would work just fine. Like a *****, I plugged it into a Windows laptop and it prompted me to give it a Drive Letter. So I did. Then it asked me to reformat, and I said, "Whoooaaa!" So of course, I said NO, and exited out of the program. I disconnected the Drive properly and plugged it back into my iMAC, BUT then I got a message saying it was not a device it could read!! So now I'm stuck between two different formats and I can't access the files on anything! Is there a way to reverse the process that the windows computer started and make it compatible with an iMac again without deleting/recovering ?

    SECOND question, if not, I assume a Data Recovery service will be needed, HOWEVER, I'm really worried about that because iMovie has very specific files, file folders, and sub folders that it uses when a video editing project is in the works, and I'm terrified that if the Data is recovered, that iMovie won't be able to open the unfinished projects. Can the Data Recovery Service restore all the file folders and subfolders ?

    Third, and last question... I WAS able to create a DMG copy of the drive and it's saved on my new iMac, but obviously it won't mount. Is there a way to recover the data using just that file ?

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