Ad Hoc wireless problem using ICS

By Herbssat
May 31, 2008
  1. Hi guys. I am having problems with running ICS using 2 wireless zonet pci cards and a dialup connection. I should have known that I was going to have a bad day when the first computer, an older dell, would not recognize the wireless card that I put in. This computer is running xp pro with service pack 2. I did finally get it to recognize the card after installing it in another pci slot and then loaded the driver.This was the host computer. I then proceeded to go to the client computer and put the other wireless card in and it recognized it immediately. This one is running Xp home and service pack 1. I then upgraded the service pack to SP2.After configuring both wireless cards in ad-hoc mode and doing SSID both cards said that they were connected to the network with a strong signal as both computers are only about 20 feet away from each other through a wall. Ithen went back to the host computer and ran the network setup wizard and chose the dialup connection as the active connection then chose the wireless connection as the other connection to other computers. After that was completed; I did the client computer but the only option that was given when I ran the wizard was a wired ethernet connection, it never showed the wireless pci lan card at all. I did get it to show the gateway on the client computer once but it would not pull up any webpages and after that it was lost for good. I also noticed that the link quality started dropping on the client computer all the way to 0 and then back.Maybe some of you network gurus can help me out. If I cannot get it to work correctly using wireless; I am going to have to drill a hole through the wall and do wired.
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    concept error. You can not use wireless on both sides of ICS.

    A WiFi adapter connects to a Wireless Router or Access Point, not another WiFi card.

    Spend a few dollars and get a WiFi Router. You mentioned dial-up so you're going to
    suffer by sharing the connection. Your setup will look like
    telco -- phoneline--modem(dialup)--system--(ICS)--WiFi.Router .....Wireless from other systems 
  3. Herbssat

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    Thanks for the info Joe.
  4. Herbssat

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    Picked up a Belkin wifi router and still having problems with ICS. Here is what I have done so far:
    1- Installed router on host pc and changed IP address to instead of the default which is private. ICS was configured on the host pc at default IP of Turned dhcp off in router.
    2- Used a zonet wlan adapter to try and connect to wireless router but had problems getting the network address. I got tired of it doing this and assigned it an IP of
    3- After forcing the wlan adapter to connect to the network still no gateway to the internet or shared files.
    4-Brought laptop along to test the network and could get on to the internet and ping the host and router ip address.
    5- Other client pc could not ping the router or host computer or the host computer ping the client.
    6- Even with the laptop getting on the connection would still drop at times at 30 to 40 feet away. Very erratic. Changed the channel and it acted better.
    7- No third party firewall on client pc that could not ping host or on the host pc.
    I hope someone can tell me what is possibly blocking the client computer from accessing the internet or sharing files when it says it is connected to the network.
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