Added RAM & I got the blue screen

By The_Watcher_911
Nov 17, 2005
  1. I have a simple Celeron 1000 computer running windows 2000 that I use for everyday things & I decided to get more RAM. I have Infineon 128 MB PC133 SDRAM 168 pin DIMM & then I got a Kingston 128 MB PC133 SDRAM CL3 168 pin DIMM.

    When I boot up startup is fine, it reconizes I now have 256mb (less 16 for the shared memory on video card) up to the windows screen I get the blue screen saying there is a Page fault in a non paged area and everytime I get that error the file ntos.sys (I can't remember exactly what file it said) had some error & sometimes it's another file.

    I have two hard drives & the virtial memory was on the D drive & so I changed it back to the C drive but stil I get the error.

    People said that using different memory usually creates no problem because I have done this on older systems but it's not working here. Are there any suggestions on changing setup configurations or are these two brands not going to work?
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    Actually, older systems are more sensitive in my opinion.

    Your problem is either the memory doesn't work with the other module well, or the new memory doesn't work with the board. You can try the new module by itself to test this. If it works by itself, then you'll know it is compatible with your system, but not compatible with your other module.

    Either way, return the memory and exchange for a different brand. Even though it may be the same MHz and CL, it may still not work because different memories are manfactured differently. You, as a consumer, can only match the speeds and hope for the best. :(

    Generally speaking, the more you pay for memory, the higher quality it is. The higher quality it is, the more compatible it is. This isn't always true, but just a rule of thumb...
  3. The_Watcher_911

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    I tried the RAM by itself & it works fine. I guess the RAM doesn't work with eachother then
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