Adding a second hard drive

By redwolf08
Jan 20, 2005
  1. I want to add a second hard drive from my old computer (IDE 40 pin) to my new computer. My new computer is set up for sata drives. Are there any connectors that will allow me to use the sata connection and my old hard drive?
  2. MrDJ009

    MrDJ009 TS Rookie

    Special Connectors not required.

    You won’t need a special connector to use SATA with an IDE. Check the motherboard out carefully. You should have one or two IDE controllers already on the board. You will only need an IDE ribbon cable to add your older drive. The ribbon cable for newer IDE drives has 80 pins (66/100/133 MB types). If you have an older drive you can use an older 40 pin cable. The older cable will also work with the faster drives but you won’t get the full speed that they can deliver. You will also have to make sure your BIOS is enabled to support IDE.
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