Which GPU should I go for 1080p gaming? Value/performance?

I'm having a hard time deciding which GPU should I pick for 1080p gaming (>144fps on competitive games & stable 60fps on AAA games)? I'll pair it with a 7600X:

  • - Brand new 4070 12GB ($1027)
  • - Brand new 4060TI 8GB ($609)
  • - Second-hand 3080 10GB ($650)
  • - Second-hand 3070 8GB ($480)

I discarded AMD GPUs as I had troubles with my Vega 56 and also I'd like to use some of nvidia features (like reflex)

Based on some benchmarks, the 3070 performs almost like the 4060 TI and it cost $200 less (second-hand). At the same time, the 3080 (second-hand) is only $40 more to the 4060 TI and performs similar to a 4070 which is almost $400 more.

It's not a budget problem (as I could go for a 4070), it's about value/performance for my usage. My reasoning is "I'll be ok with a 3070/3080 and I'll could save those $400 for 50 series" but at the same time it doesn't make any sense as 50 series is nowhere near being released (2025?), and by that time the $400 won't make the difference...

Which GPU would you pick having these prices in mind?
If it was me; 1080Ti via ebay for under $200 for 1080p, I get well over over 100 FPS average in a 34 game benchmark I ran with ultra/max settings ; but if budget isn't the issue I'd get the 4060ti with a warranty. But some games like ArmA 3 will run at low FPS regardless due to crap engine.