Administrative Rights on Dell Laptop---help!

By spek10
Aug 27, 2005
  1. My company corporate office sent me a used Dell D600 this week. I love the centrino techonlogy and it's much lighter and faster than my own personal HP Pavilion workhorse. My problem is that the laptop is set up with user and administrator rights. This stinks. I can't download any applications, update software, even change the clock on the thing.

    I wont have to return the laptop until I leave the job anyway, so I want to be able to load Firefox, Java, GTA, etc, for when I travel with it. Is there a way to crack the password and log on as an Administrator so I have permissions to change things and load programs, or alternately, can I dump the whole thing, reload XP and start over? I have the XP disk from my old HP....

    I am not so good with computers, but it would be a shame to travel for work as much as I do and be stuck in a hotel in Billings playing minesweeper.....
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

    this can be tricky but do-able.
    Check This Link
    or This Link

    G'Luck & safe travel
  3. PornPrincess

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    ~~~I STILL cant find CORRECT info how to OVER RIDE MY HDD password for my DELL 610

    hi i am stressed to the max here s my info---

    dell 610 latitude notebook
    service tag 23fqw91
    harddisk info: #3PAXGH4BXDM-595B:blush:

    my hardisk is locked! & ANNNND MY DISK drive has uninstalled itself so i cant reboot or kill disk! please help me none of the tips or master codes or generated codes have worked for MY situation! im desperate to fix this PLEASE PLEASE HELP me i cant usb upload either~ p.s keep in mind i am not computer sauvee~ thanks soo much melissa i am sitting on my computer in hopes sum1 may be able to solve my dilema!
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