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Adobe CS2 on Win 7 machine

  1. Hi!

    I have just recently downloaded the Adobe CS2 discs 1-3 on my Win 7 machine. I had the discs from CS2 but I remember I had to do some 'tweeking' to get it to run on Win 7 cuz Win 7 is 64 bit and the discs I had (which were actually 7 discs) were for a 32 bit OS. I do NOT want to have to learn a new program version (which I believe would be CS6) and also I use GoLive which is no longer in CS6 so I'd have to learn Dreamweaver (and I don't care to do that since I have my own business website and 'll need to upload new products which will be available Nov 1st - no TIME to learn a new program!) So what I'd like to know is if the CS2 version I downloaded from Techspot will need any special 'tweeking' to get it to run on Win 7 or is this version still only for a 32 bit OS?

    The old instructions I was given the instructions to NOT save it to the default install location of "C:/Program File (x86)/Adobe" but instead save it to "C:/Program File (x86)/Adobe" with "C:/Progra~2/Adobe". Can you tell me if I will still need to save it to that path? And I just found another site that said to save it to "C:\progra~2\". So which is correct?

    I also found another work around that said to "Copy the installer to your local drive. Right click Setup.exe, Properties > Compatibility tab > Run this in compatibility mode. Choose XP SP2. Click OK. Run Setup.exe". But how would I copy the installer to my local drive? Doesn't the automatic installer come up when you click on disc 1?

    And then I found ANOTHER work around that explained in detail to do the following:

    1. Insert your CS2 CD, open Windows Explorer, navigate to Computer and then to the drive for your CDs (usually labelled D: or similar), right click it, and choose to Open or Explore.
    2. Create a temporary folder on your desktop. Call it something like TempCS2.

    3. Find the installing program, usually called setup.exe, and copy that to your temporary folder. If you want to be sure, copy all the contents of the CD to that temporary folder.
    4. Right click on setup.exe in your temporary folder.

    5. Select "Properties".

    6. Click on the tab that says 'Compatibility' in the box that pops up.

    7. Click 'Run in Compatibility Mode' and a menu will drop down - from that menu, choose the option 'XP SP2' (Windows XP Service Pack 2). Your Windows 7 computer has now been told to recognise the program as one made for Windows XP (which it is). Also tick the 'Run as Administrator' checkbox at the bottom.
    8. Click OK on each box so that all these settings are saved.

    9. Now, run (double click) setup.exe FROM YOUR TEMPORARY FOLDER, ie, the one we've made all the changes to, and it should hopefully work properly and start the installation wizard.

    10. When you get to the point in your installation wizard's window where it asks you to choose where to install your product, THAT is your INSTALLATION PATH. You need to change it from C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe to C:\Progra~2\Adobe and it will install in the Program Files (x86) location. That's it!

    Thanx for any help anyone can give me!!


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