Adobe .dll and .file problems

By WileeDarklight
Apr 28, 2009
  1. I've had a lot of problems with my laptop freezing at random intervals(seems to be a memory problem but I've got 4GB of RAM and all of the problems started one day just like that with NO problems before), so I've decided to remove things that seem to be causing problems. I have come to the conclusion that Adobe's files may be involved/infected because I cannot properly uninstall some Adobe products (because it freezes everytime). I found a handful of .dll's and .file's that won't delete because I "do not have permission". I can move them around on my C: drive but I can't move them to my D: partition (because of the permission). I am running Windows Vista Home Premium and my UAC is *OFF*. Any suggestions?
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    Hmmm... Did you start at the top with the three "stickies" by Julio?
    1. Special Rules... (note, I am not one of the experienced helpers here)
    2. 8 - Step Removal Instructions... (you may hit bumps along the way... if so, repost)
    3. "Is your system infected? Read this first".

    Without your logs, (step 8 of the 8-steps) not likely to get any responses.
    Hint... carefully follow the 8-steps.
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