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Jul 31, 2009
  1. Ok ive been useing this peice of software from i0bit for a while it claims to speed up my computer as well as run along side my anti virus(AVG)

    my machine however is brand new so cant realy make a comparison
    it is a realy quick simple set up one click sytem clean registry fix ect
    i would like anybodys opinion on the software and apps within listed below

    ,Internet booster , game booster , smart defrag ,smart ram,

    its not that large a file including the add ons i beleive the game booster and defrag are other i0bit applications that run through AVC

    i'd like any opinions to its validity as a anti spyware scanner as it has found things when avg hasnt and vice verser
    i know alot of these so called free anti spyware can create false positives in order to get u to purchase the pro version

    u can get the software at
  2. raybay

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    When I see software like that, I begin to hear a large rush of sucking sounds...

    There are 87 different spyware scanners... most are more dangerous than good. I doubt that more than 10 or 12 are any good at all.

    Before you try anything, look for a lot of reviews on a lot of forums....

    AVG has not been the recognized leader for over a year now. I recommend you remove it, and replace it with either AVAST or Avira Antivir free versions... Then also have at least two (preferabley three) antispyware programs. We like Spy Sweeper (not free), Zone Alarm firewall with spyware, SuperAntiSpyware, and MalwareBytes.

    You might want to scroll and stroll through some of the posts here on TechSpot that refer to the 8 steps... and their effectiveness.
  3. ob1kanobi

    ob1kanobi TS Rookie

    iObit useless software
    Back in 2008, I bought the AWC v2 Pro, at a whopping CDN $33.22; which they included the full version of cute password manager (claimed to be the numero uno of Password Mngrs and the new version - it was neither). AWC v2 Pro upon first usage of it, stated all the problems - errors - etc. present in my computer, claimed all sorts of problems. As I continued to use the software, along side iObit smart defrag, smart ram, booster; the whole kit and kaboodle they offered; I would periodically check the Event Viewer, windows folders/files that they claimed to be problems and lo-n-behold their software was doing jack. It was the major accountable reason my hard drive crashed back at 2008 year end.

    If you are looking for software Firewall, Antivirus, Defense + Tasks ... I recommend COMODO. There is the free version, professional version, small business version, etc. Check the COMODO website to find COMODO System Cleaner & Tools - AL:L FREE.

    Thanks for listening and reading....
  4. TBolt

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    I actually use the free version of ASC, which has a number of maintenance tools, without the extra security bloat (there are definately better options out there for that). I only use the tools when I want so that it doesn't run in the background unnecessarily. It has a good defrag component, along with other tools that seem to be quite competative with other free maintenance software available (like disk checkers, Internet "boosters", memory / registry defrag tools, cleaners, etc.). I really only use a few of the tools, I have used the game booster but it really doesn't save much on resources...if you're running a 64bit system with at least 4Gig of RAM, it really becomes kind of moot. Overall, it's not bad but I certainly wouldn't get the pay for Pro version.
  5. red1776

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    Hi Monk,
    I have tried the above applications you mention (as I do out of curiosity) and this is my take on them.

    Internet Booster:
    I ran internet booster and then ran the Comcast upload/ download test, and it had no impact on the speed of my connection...needless to say, you could have knocked me over with a brick.

    Game booster:
    This works by shutting down 'background processes and services' that are not deemed necessary for or while gaming. basically if you open your task manager and you have 100+ processes running at idle....and if your system tray is 5 inches long with auto startup programs, then game booster can provide a minor bump in performance while gaming. keep in mind that a better option is to keep a cleaner machine in the first place, then the advantage of game booster would not be needed, and would be negligible anyway. a trip into 'Startup manager' can help with this. if you do use game booster, a word to the wise, these programs are notorious for turning back on more processes then they turned off, and a reboot after is in order.

    Smart Defrag:
    there are a rather lot of defrag programs out there all claiming that they can do the job better than the next and improve your data retrieval time, the effect of them over the widows built in defrag . the effect of them ranges from negligible to no existent.

    Smart Ram:
    unless you have an exorbitantly low amount of memory, dont bother. every version of windows since Win 95 has gotten progressively better at returning Ram to the working memory pool . it really serves no purpose other than to give you another graph in your system tray to look at.

    I agree with Raybay about AVG, they seemed to slip in the last 1-1/2 years and AVG has been a tremendous resource hog since V 7. Avira is much faster and resource light. i changed to it from AVG a year ago and it has been flawless, first time in 15 years i have had that experience.

    well that's my take on things, hope it helps :)
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