Advice on a gaming notebook, please?

By Classic Rock · 10 replies
Jul 31, 2010
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  1. I am going to be heading off to Africa in about 6 months from now, and I am going to stay there for a while. Anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. I will be in the middle of the African Savannah, and between woeking and sleeping I will not have a lot to do.

    After dark it is really not recommended to go outside so I will need a decent gaming laptop that will be able to play games easily, and preferably play games that will come out in one years time. (High hopes for my price range, I know, lol)

    So if anyone knows anything about gaming laptops, please help me out. I know I'm not likely to get anything under a $1000 (Australian Dollars, not American) But I really do not want to go over$1500 or at the worst $2000. Also, Newegg doesn't ship to Aus, neither does TigerDirect.

    I have an 8800GT and Q6600 in my desktop at the moment, what sort of GPU would I need in a laptop to get similar or better performance when playing games?

    Is there a chart that someone knows of that shows a rough relation between desktop and mobile GPU power or benchmarks?

    Any information would be helpful, and I would appreciate it very muc.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. DjKraid

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    My girl friend has a HP Pavilion DV6 (dv6-2153eo) and it's a rly good
    gaming notebook that dosn't cost much! We payed 729€ for it.
    AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core @ 2.5GHz, 6Gb DDR2 Ram, w7 Home Premium and so on....
  3. imthezorro

    imthezorro TS Rookie

  4. Classic Rock

    Classic Rock TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 65

    Thanks for the help gu
  5. Classic Rock

    Classic Rock TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 65

    God damn it. Bloody trackpad on the computer. I clicked it with my damn wrist. Anyway, thanks for the help so far. I also have found a neat little website that shows a rough scale of notebook GPU power.

    I had a look at the review you mentioned Zorro, and I can't say thanks enough. So far the only one there that really appeals to me is the Alienware M17x. : ) I know it's bloody expensive, but I have been told I can most likely find a similar specced unit for less elsewhere. Any ideas?

    Since I am going to be spending rather a lot of money on this laptop, I really would prefer the GPU's to be somewhere around the GTX260 in SLI or better. Going through the Alienware I can get the M17x for about $2000 AUD plus shipping,if I do not add anything to it. So the specs on the would be:

    P8600 @ 2.4 gzh Core 2 Duo
    2 GTX 260's in SLI
    4GB of Dual Channel DDR3 1066mhz RAM
    250GB 7,200RPM HDD
    DVD Burner.
    A 17" 1440x900 LCD DIsplay

    One year of the 'Advanced' warranty

    Also, they have a nice backpack made for this laptop. I have read that people have had difficulty carrying this laptop around, because normal 17" carry bags don't fit it.

    Anyway, opinions?
  6. hellokitty[hk]

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    Sounds stupid just look at actual benchmarks. Looks like some poor kid is fantasizing in a rambled blog post.

    An 8800gtm will be almost up to par.

    I think you need a mouse, sir.
  7. Classic Rock

    Classic Rock TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 65

    Thanks for the info. The benchmarks I saw for the GTX260 SLI config where only slightly better than what I get with my 8800GT
  8. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    8800GTM is weaker than the 8800gt.
    Obviously you should remember that your FPS's are going to be different from their test setups.
  9. Classic Rock

    Classic Rock TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 65

    Ok, I think I have found a possible contender.

    ASUS G73JH-A2 from - $2160 USD

    - 17.3" FHD 16:9 LED Glossy Screen (1920x1080)
    with ASUS Zero Bright Dot (ZBD) 30 Day Pixel Guarantee
    - Intel® Core™ i7-720QM, 1.60-2.80GHz, (45nm, 6MB L3 cache) - Standard
    - Stock OEM Thermal Compound or after-market brandname @ no extra charge
    - ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD5870 1024MB PCI-Express GDDR5 DX11
    - 8,192MB (8GB) DDR3 1066MHz Dual Channel Memory (2GBx4) - Standard
    - Combo Dual Layer SuperMulti 8X DVDRW Drive w/ Software
    - 80GB Intel G2 X25-M Solid State Drive (SSD Serial-ATA II)
    - 1,000GB (1TB) 5200RPM (Serial-ATA II 3GB/s)
    - 1,000GB (1TB) 5200RPM (Serial-ATA II 3GB/s)
    - Internal 8-in-1 Card Reader: MMC/SD/Mini-SD/XD/Memory Stick/MS Pro/MS Duo/MS Pro Duo
    - Internal Bluetooth + EDR
    - Built-in 802.11 Wireless B/G/N - Stock Wireless Card
    - Built in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
    - Sound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio - Included
    - Asus G Series Matching Backpack made by Targus
    - Smart Li-ion Battery (8-Cell)
    - Asus G Series Gaming Mouse
    - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Pre-Installed + Drivers & Utilities Disk
    - 2 Year ASUS GLOBAL Warranty, 24/7 Support, 1 Year Accidental Coverage & 2-Way Pre-Paid

    Shipping for Repairs (N.A. Accidental Requires Registration w/ ASUS)
  10. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    Expensive, and its going to be hot.
    I personally don't like laptops, they are expensive and weak imo.
  11. Classic Rock

    Classic Rock TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 65

    True. But I'm going to be going from Africa to Australia and back again, hopefully more than once, so I am going to need the "portability" : ) On the bright side, it already is faster than my desktop : )

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