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Jan 7, 2012
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  1. My Hitachi 7100.C (7.2k rpm, 32mb cache, 1tb) died after not even year of use. I have checked for warranty and it says I have warranty till 2014 (entered S/N number to check) so il be sending it for RMA.

    Now my question is. I need an SSD since my backup HDD is 140GB and only 2mb cache, 7.2K RPM and its IDE drive, which i hate. Which is a decent SSD for 1-2 games as a boot drive? I am looking at Corsair Sandforce 3 120GB. I have sata 2 mobo so that kind of sucks and since iv spent quite some money on new clothes I have £40 left (hopefully parents can fill the gap for the new SSD).

    I have F3 Spinpoint but I got that one after the Hitachi HDD so its not my boot drive and i cant reformat it since I have made it my backup drive. I can't use the 140GB for too long since its old and slow.

    Hopefully Hitachi sends me a replacement drive, il write them a letter as well just to make it more convincing ^^

    So which SSD is decent out there? Minding I have sata2 mobo but i rather but Sata 3 SSD even though it most likely wont max out on the speeds. Any advice? Is the SATA2 cable same size as SATA3 or do i need an adapter? How about getting SATA3 card for my SATA2 mobo, would it that work?

    Any ideas? Hope you can help me out guys ^^
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    Intel and Crucial have the best reliability in the SSD market currently. I much rather go with a slower drive the I know will perform and work well, rather than a faster device that might have issues. Not to say that those SSDs aren't great, they are. Just MY choice would be the Crucial SSD. I have a Crucial M4 64GB in my laptop getting 525MB/s reads 120MB/s writes, boots windows in about 12seconds, and has been doing so for a good 6 months with no issues.

    It's really awesome going from a conventional HD to an SSD. You can't go wrong you're gonna love it, in the end it's you're choice. Read reviews and decide what's best for what you're going for.
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    Thanks, will think about it. Need to save up little bit more. In the long run im hoping to upgrade my whole system, from psu to whole case but will need to get a job while at College.

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