After power outage, comp goes haywire HELP

By Aimarty
Jun 27, 2005
  1. Yesterday, the power in my House went off, and then came back on in a split second. I was on my computer, so it caused my computer to turn off and on fast. Ever since that point, and never before, my computer shuts off by its self, and I cant turn it back on, unless i switch the power supply off, and then back on.

    Now it doesnt shut down all the time, only when i start playing Counter Stirke Source. After about an hour of gameplay, it will just shut down on me. I have left the computer on all night, and nothing, but when i start gaming it just turns off. I thought it could be overheating, but since ive never had this problem before, I dont think it could be that.

    When the power glitches, would that affect the temp? I ran MBM5, and when im not gaming it up, i have an average cpu temp of 110, and a case temp of 100.

    Basically I am just stumped. I have built this computer myself, and this has never been a problem before, so im not sure what it could be. Other people i ask lead my to a bad power supply, but I have no clue.

    I built myself, and i run on....

    AMD Athlon 64x 3000+
    Asus K8v Motherboard
    Radeon 9800 Pro AGP 128 mb Graphics card
    2x 512 mb Kingston
    The reading on my power supply said 115V-230V and its a coolmaster

    Any suggestions plz let me know. I did the dusting thing, and the power manager thing, but those didnt work. Again any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Yes your psu may have taken a hit. :(
    here are a few ideas to try:

    1.Try another psu.

    2. remove each componant like;
    vid card, sound, ram and such.
    Look at the gold contacts, use a pencil eraser to lightly
    rub the contacts clean, then replace them. Be sure to
    blow out the slots too.

    3.Check the atx power connection plug, maybe try some
    contact cleaner.
    Unseat the heatsink & cpu, clean off and apply fresh Thermal
    goo.(artic silver is good)

    4.This failing,
    try memtest or a good benchmark prog to see if HDD or ram
    took a bad hit.

    welcome to TechSpot :wave:
  3. puppetgrimm1

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    -When the power glitches, would that affect the temp?

    yes, especial while playing graghic rich programs

    -when im not gaming it up, i have an average cpu temp of
    -110, and a case temp of 100.

    Hate to tell you but from what I've read you do need a new powerSupply that temperature is way to high and if your playing intense game the heat will sky rocket. Anyway it's Probably from the fan on the PowerSupply. Check to see if the fan in the PowerSupply is working if it is try cleaning it throughly with canned air. If it dont work there is good news sort of, you can get a new one anyware from 20.00 - 500.00 dollars a decent one shouldnt cost more than 100.00 dollars. one word of advice, if at all possible dont buy from the manufaturer they will charge you probable twice as much as anyone else " I speak from experience " Anyway, I'm done rambling for now.

    Hope this help!
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