Aggravating Crash

By Barrel213
Dec 23, 2006
  1. Hi everyone,
    I have a WinXP w/SP 2, DX 9.0c, 1 gig of ram, aTI x800XT all in wonder, 250gig sata HD, SB Audigy 2

    I have this consistent crash in mostly newer games that I simply cannot get rid of. I run virus scans every morning, nothings shown up. I've run spyboy, adaware and hijackthis, and I have not found anything. I've run ram checking programs (the Microsoft one), I've tested my video card by using aTI tool's artifact checker and overheating check, in addition to another program called Video Card Stability Test that runs a overheating/stability test too. I've so far changed the drivers several times, having tried Catas 6.9, 6.11s, 6.4 & Omega 6.9s. Each time I have fully uninstalled the drivers, I deleted the entries in the registry as the directions from aTI's website says to.

    Still my computer crashes, mostly in games that seem to be newer. The most recent crashes have been in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, and Medieval Total War 2. The other game I've played on this computer has been World of Warcraft, and although I haven't had any crashes, I do not play WoW as extensively as I do the other two. I've checked both tech support for my games and none of them have a crash like mine. I've attached my minidumps, and I would be greatly appreciative if anyone had any ideas as to what is causing my crash.

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