AGP Problem

By python
Nov 11, 2003
  1. My computer broke over the weekend, I turned it on and their was nothing on the monitor, so I took my computer and hooked it up to another monitor and again nothing, I pulled the AGP Geforce Card out and tried it in another system and the card works just fine, so I than took the AGP Rage card and hooked it upto my system and nothing, so than I took a PCI Video card and tried that and again nothing, as far as any error codes all I get is a siren sound unlike any beep code. I know that the Monitor and Geforce Video card works, so my Question is could their be a problem with the BIOS or even the northbridge chipset on my MSI mainboard MS-6380 LE useing Apollo KT266 chipset that consists of VT8366 Super Northbridge and VT8233 Southbridge ?, or should I replace the Mainboard ?
  2. Greeno

    Greeno TS Rookie Posts: 281

    with no vga card and no ram do u get beeps? also.. as u have an msi board.. do you have one of those diagnostic led brackets? there should be an error code on there if so..

    ... if you try the above and you dont get any beeps, i'd say ur mobo is for the knackers yard im afraid
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