AGP3.0 (4in1 drivers) problem.

By foulsoul
Apr 8, 2004
  1. I am running a Aopen AK77-gn600 mobo, with a xp2600, 512ddr kingston ram and a aopen geforcefx5200 video card.

    My problem is that when i installed the agp3.0 part of the 4in1 drivers any 3d game just goes crazy, like menus just flciker and cant be used. its hard to explain. if i dont install this driver it all works fine, but not running at 8x.

    i had a faulty ak77 8xmax mobo before this which was faulty but i could install the drivers and it ran fine.

    anyway got any ideas?
  2. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    After you've installed the Hyperion drivers (4-in-1), do you install your graphics drivers (again)?

    I seem to recall there being a lot of problems if you didn't (re-)install your graphics drivers after installing the Hyperions... Might be worth a shot :)
  3. foulsoul

    foulsoul TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah i do, after i install the 4in1 drivers it askes me to install new vga drivers so i dont have much of a choice really.
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