Airbus Bag2Go smart luggage packs mobile radio, GPS and RFID

Shawn Knight

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Lost luggage could soon be a thing of the past. Well, let me take that back – finding your luggage that the airline lost could soon become much easier if a prototype smart luggage reaches production status. Airbus’ Bag2Go luggage...

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Assuming they're made available for sale (I don't picture myself EVER renting luggage), I could definitely see myself buying something like this as many times as my bags have been lost/stolen while traveling.


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How about just attaching a cheaper RFID/GPS device (inside your own travelling bag)?


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I used to have a set of cheap "gps" luggage tags, but they didn't work so well. Right now I don't have any luggage, so I could use some. (I know... luggage like that is going to be very expensive)