Airbus Bag2Go smart luggage packs mobile radio, GPS and RFID

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airbus bag2go gps rfid

Lost luggage could soon be a thing of the past. Well, let me take that back – finding your luggage that the airline lost could soon become much easier if a prototype smart luggage reaches production status. Airbus’ Bag2Go luggage is equipped with numerous sensors that can be used to track your luggage as you travel.

Specifically, the luggage contains a GPS tracking device, a 2G mobile chip and an RFID chip. These connectivity elements could be used in conjunction with an iPhone app (we assume Android would be supported as well) and handling systems in an airport to keep track of your checked baggage at all times.

The case is able to alert the owner when it has been opened, either by TSA security workers or perhaps the prying eyes of someone else. The luggage even comes with a scale built into the handle to allow users to weigh it before getting to the airport.

Airbus reportedly worked with German luggage maker Rimowa and T-Mobile to create the prototype. The difference between Airbus’ implementation and other luggage tracking accessories is that tracking hardware for the Airbus luggage is built right into the case.

Unfortunately Airbus doesn’t have any plans to sell the luggage directly. Instead, they may license the technology to airlines which could then rent the suitcases out to passengers when they travel. Another option would see Airbus use the technology as part of a door-to-door service. Under this idea, the company would pick up the luggage from a traveler’s home, take it to the airport and see that it arrives at their destination.

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Assuming they're made available for sale (I don't picture myself EVER renting luggage), I could definitely see myself buying something like this as many times as my bags have been lost/stolen while traveling.


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How about just attaching a cheaper RFID/GPS device (inside your own travelling bag)?


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I used to have a set of cheap "gps" luggage tags, but they didn't work so well. Right now I don't have any luggage, so I could use some. (I know... luggage like that is going to be very expensive)