Alien security shield in task tray

By ikeeptime
Apr 15, 2009
  1. Hi and Help, Just this morning I noticed a yellow fake Windows security shield in my task tray and when I hover on it I get "Downloading updates, 2%". Within about 15 minutes it eventually reads 100% and then disappears. A few minutes later it is back doing the same thing. Double clicking or right clicking produce nothing. I did download a few Mp3s from MP3 yesterday but my Avast virus protection did not flag any and a scan today produced nothing. I was not able to see anything odd in Task Manager but not sure it it would appear there anyway. The thing is not sucking any real RAM or CPU juice so I am baffled and a bit scared. Have beings from another world taken over?? Anyone with experience with a similar problem? Thanks in advance. Signed, Abducted in Maine.
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