All 3D games crashing

By muhassann
Jul 11, 2009
  1. I have a laptop with specs

    Processor: core duo 2 Ghz
    Ram: 1 Gb DDR2
    Video Card :ati x1600 (256 mb)
    Harddrive: 120 Gb
    Windows XP Sp2

    I have been playing company of heroes, assassin's creed,fear for the past 2 weeks on my laptop but today , whenever i start up the games they crash giving an error report.
    COH does work for a few minutes but then it too crashes.
    i have re-installed my drivers but with no success.
    any suggestions??
  2. jamz7654321

    jamz7654321 TS Rookie

    this is more of a tech question but enyway

    could be a fue things over heating mem probs etc

    duz your laptop sometime lock up? (so you cant do out with it and have to turn it off and back on) if it duz that prob meens the heatsink vents are blocked and you need to clean them...

    if not..

    go download memtest 3.8 this shold test you memory to see if there is eny probs there
    if it is locking up tho i could send you a service manual for your laptop so you can clean it out from the dust but i will neen the make and model of it to do so

    dust is a big killer of the little laptops...
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