All audio in xp pro won't play

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Aug 21, 2005
  1. to start off here are the basics of my system:
    xp pro
    pent 3
    1.2 GHz
    512 ram

    i just installed a new soundcard to see if a broken sound card was the problem but it didn't help whatsoever. the new soundcard that i am currently using is from Mad Dog multimedia. it's a 5.1 6 channel card... system devices lists it as CMI8738/C3DX PCI audio Device.
    Everything is unmuted and plugged in correctly. I've had this problem almost a year now and have tried to fix it multiple times. this system has had sound beforeso i know there is a way to fix it but am at a complete loss as to how.
    I read about a similar problem on a different thread on this site and it said to disable the mobo onchip USB in BIOS. I looked for it and didn't see that setting anywhere in BIOS and i'm not even sure if that would help. It seems like there used to be an onboard audio system on the mobo i have currently but is no longer there. i'm not really sure if that is the case tho. I also have Legacy Audio drivers and Media control devices and AUdio codecs listed in device manager if that helps at all. if any additional information is needed i'd be happy to supply it. thanks in advance for any advice you can possibly give.
  2. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    run dxdiag and do the sound tests.
  3. Scion

    Scion TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tried dxdiag

    i went ahead and tried dxdiag but i still couldn't hear anything. it's troubleshooter also turned up nothing. Any more suggestions? BIOS? anything would he helpful because i've tried everything i can think of so far. if it helps, i've got two hard drives which may be causing the conflict? both have xp pro on them and i can choose between the two during start up. both of them don't have sound. i'm not sure if there is a system's conflict or something? thanks for the help.
  4. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    first thing is you need to disable the onboard sound. it should be somewhere in your bios saying something like onboard audio controller, or possibly AC97. you may have to consult your mobo manual.
    once you have the onboard disabled.. uninstall all audio devices. then reboot.

    the only one that should detect is your pci audio card...

    of course also reseat your audio card to make sure it is making the proper connections.... another thing .. which port on the new sound card are you using? do you have surround speakers or just the normal 2 speaker set, are they powered or non powered...

    if your speakers are not powered then that is your problem, typical addin cards require a powered speaker input because the sound card does not have a built in amp to boost the signal.
  5. Scion

    Scion TS Rookie Topic Starter

    already disabled

    ok the onboard audio controller was already disabled and when you say all audio devices what of that does this include? "audio codecs, 8738 soundcard (the newly installed one), legacy audio drivers, legacy vid cap device, media control devices, vid codecs"
    that was everything listed under sound and vid devices... the legacy drivers can't be uninstalled so i'm not sure if you meant that in your "uninstall all devices"... since it's not really a device. also, i'm using headphones as the speakers as of now just as a test. but even w/ just speakers/ with no amp i think i should be able to hear at least a very low volume of the sound if it works? anyway, thanks again for the help. it doesn't say there are conflicts in the hardware so i don't think it's any resource issue. also, i read about a simmilar problem that said to reinstall the mobo driver? / update it? would that possibly help? thanks for the help once again.
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