altec lansing ada885

By jazchana
Aug 9, 2004
  1. Hey guys, i am a proud owner of an altec lansing ada885 system. I have this system for nearly 3years now and had no problems until now. It is an exceptional system, etc, etc.

    Anyways recently it came up with a problem. The sub would switch it self off. Now the sub has an integrated amp and so it doesn't exactly switch off, because i can still hear the sound from the four satellite speakers and adjuxst volume and so forth, i just cant hear any sound from the sub. It works for about a cpl of seconds when you first turn it on and than after that it cuts off.

    I dont want to buy a new system, i am happy with this. I will take this system apart before i have to buy a new one. Does anyone out there happen to know what the problem is and how i could fix it. As i said before i do not mind going inside and trying to solve the problem myself, so detailed instructions would be nice please.

    Thank you very much
  2. c14to10nf

    c14to10nf TS Rookie

    I had the exact same problem as well. When I removed the sub-woofer PCB (inside the speaker cab) it was fried. The toroid coils were cooked and other components were burned off the board. For me I would like to try and get another PCB and try to fix it, but really, it's time to get another sub-woofer, or another system.
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