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Dec 4, 2011
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  1. I use yahoo answers for most of my questions, but to my disapproval I am starting to want a better alternative to yahoo answers. The problem I have with yahoo answers is that for many questions that you have that may need professional answers, or at least an honest answer, there are many worthless comments that tell you nothing whatsoever.

    What are the better alternatives to yahoo answers? I would like a website that really gives you top advice and answers and that has many topics to choose from, such as that of yahoo answers.
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    Just a couple I have used.

    Sorry I can't post the actual links seeing as how my post count is not high enough yet.
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    Great answers

    Thank you all for giving me great alternatives. Wikianswers is a great site, and so is Askville. I have learned a lot of new sites that offer helpful advice and professional answers to the questions that I ask.
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    You're quite welcome. Seasons Greetings

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