AM37 or MS6390 in a Compaq S3000NX...Question about fastest processor.

By votoms888
Nov 30, 2004
  1. I have a Compaq S3000NX
    According to the website it has either an AM37 MB or an MSI MS6390 MB. My question is: What is the fastest Athlon XP processor I can use? MSI website says the fastest supported is 2200+ but the AMD website says their the MS6390 can support 2600+. I can't find any info on the AM37 either. I wanna upgrade the processor in it. If anyone can help it would be great.

    Bottom line:
    Can i use an Athlon XP 2600+ in my computer?
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  3. duh-huh-wha?

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    *edit* i have a AM37L it can take up to amd xp 2600

    i have a AM37 in my computer and it has a amd xp 2400+ @ 2.0. which is wierd cuz that site says it only supports up to 2100. i also want to upgrade my processor without getting a new MB. i have a crappy emachine and its to slow for my gameing needs, and i dont have the cash to get a new comp. I wish this MB could take a 2.8 processor but i just dont know if it can. lil help would be nice since all the programs and sites and forums just havent given me a clear layout of what processor my Mb can take.(I have used some software that says the AM37 supported speed are 2.0+ i dont know if this is max or if it can take + speeds)
    after all the stuff i looked through, and installed and researched it seems that it would be easier if i just got a new computer all together (i wish) or to shoot myself in the eye before jumping in a pit of lava
    :( :mad:
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