Amazon mulling Android gaming console for release later this year

Justin Kahn

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Amazon is set to launch a new gaming console later this year alongside Microsoft and Sony. However, this machine is reported to be a lot more like the Ouya than next gen offerings from the two home console heavyweights.

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Too little, too late. No one wants an Android-based game player only device when they're already playing games on their Android devices.

And when Steam comes out with its console, it'll be all over but the shouting.
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I wouldn't write off an Android-base console. There are several games on both Google Play and Amazon's Android store that I would prefer to play with a controller. However, Amazon has to take the lessons that OUYA did and didn't learn and make sure it does not follow in the same footsteps. But they're Amazon so they probably won't do that.

Oh, and before I forget: Jeff Bezos is gobbling up ALL the MEDIA.


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Great in theory, difficult in practice... The OUYA is a prime example of how challenging it is to get an Android-based gaming system to be taken seriously, and get real and effective content available.

Now, if they pay attention to some of the most popular things in the OUYA community, Amazon might be able to effectively launch an interesting system. So many people are using the OUYA as a media appliance, HTPC territory, streaming box... Make an Amazon box that is fully integrated with their Amazon marketplace. Possibly provide connectivity or crossover to the Kindle Fire line - similar to Wii U to allow utilization as an enhanced controller, or like the PS "start it on the PS4, continue it on the road with your Vita" approach maybe? Mix in a hard push for content streamers and media center utilities like XBMC, tight Netflix and Hulu integration (which will be a struggle against greed there, since streaming will also compete with Amazon digital movie on demand kinds of things)... Basically, you would have an Amazon-powered GoogleTV/OUYA hybrid, which could bridge enough of the best parts of each platform out there to be not only successful, but truly effective and useful.

Won't happen that way, but a guy can dream, right? :)


Actually, this may be very good. Amazon has enough clout to get others to develop for them and I am sure Amazon would like to have you stream movies to your TV from there device.

Ben Jimenez

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It's going to take a powerfull Android box with some very much improved graphics for Amazon to succeed. Android games for phones just don't have the quility that is needed to attract gamers. If you wanna make it Amazon, have some exclusive games ready on day one of the release.


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Amazon and Google should help the Android console market get some traction. It's still a chicken and egg situation, but there's nothing preventing Android from serving decent games. The hardware may be weaker than current gen consoles, but it's not like consoles haven't had good games with lesser hardware in the past. I can definitely see Android consoles becoming mainstream and having decent games, but for now I'll wait to see how things develop.


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[quote="And when Steam comes out with its console, it'll be all over but the shouting.[/quote]

Steam is coming out with a device? Where is this info at?