Amd Althon 64 3700+ 2.4Ghz on a FIC K8MC51G

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Jan 4, 2010
  1. I bought my mom the prosser 2.4GHZ CLAWHAMMER for her compaq. That mother board fried. So i bought her anthoer motherboard FIC K8MC51G now the prosser is only reading at 800MHZ. I cant find the drivers for her CPU, i dont know if changing the mutiplyer will work, i dont know how to change the multiplyer, and i have no idea what to do???

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  2. Tedster

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    If you don't know how to overclock correctly, then don't. OC'ing can fry your system.
    Read up before attempting, and be prepared to have some money to buy new components.
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    I dont think he is trying to overclock tedster, just get the correct clock speed that the chip is supposed to run at. What is the current multiplier at? I would check to see if it is set at what it is supposed to be. Also I can not recall if that series of chips had cool and quiet but it may be slowing your system down. Check and see if their is an option to disable it in BIOS.
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    I tried using this program i set it to 1.25 v 6.5x and running ok at 1.3ghz but the prosser is a 2.4 and the board should handle it.
    It does have Kool and Quiet and it is enabled.
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    its simple

    you can go to amd website and download cpu processor drivers for the turion series and load them, it will automatically change voltage and adjust the cpu clock according to the processor spes
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  7. kahboom

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    one more thing go into bios and disable cpu thermal throtalling, it is a feature to lower voltage on the cpu and will not register the true speed when this is on, disabling it lets the clock stay on the highest speed even when not in use, reduces game lag, i have the same mobo, and processor
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