AMD denies prioritizing mining graphics cards over gaming


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AMD has been prioritizing server and mobile. I wouldn't expect much when it comes to their dGPU supply in the short term.


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See, the beauty of this is that as long as AMD relies on distributors they can make this statements with enough plausible deniability.

Has AMD (or for that matter, Nvidia) really bothered to request an audit of all sales to their distributors? For tax purposes the distributors would need to list the buyers so it's not like they can honestly hide they're selling direct to miner operations: just look at the distributors and if most of their sales stop going to the usual big retailers and suddenly show up on known scalpers, private individuals that are not even registered as retailers or paper-only retailers that are *registered* as retailers but never made a single sale well, that's a mining operation.

It really is not hard to find if AMD's most trusted distributors and AIB partners are selling direct to miners, which they are. So this is as empty a posture as Nvidia's cute attempts to include a hash limiter they "accidentally" cracked themselves before it was even out for the public.

No AMD, we're not stupid: We know what our partners are doing, stop lying by omission.
It's not a lie by omission. They said they are not prioritizing miners over gamers.
That doesn't necessarily mean that they are prioritizing gamers over miners. They simply make their products available to their graphics cards partners, and whoever buys them from their partners, buys them.
Since miners likely have deeper pockets, most of the cards are bought by them. That's the free market.
Limiting their partners by telling them who they can sell to or not can give AMD bigger problems down the road.
In truth, the price of most everything is kind of crazy right now.

A few months ago, Samsung cut loose with a new 870 variant of their SATA III_2 1/2" SSDs. The prices were just about dirt cheap, to the tune of $55, to $60. for the 500 GB models, and $35. to $40, for the 250s.

I bought enough to replace all the existing C:/ drives in my 4 Win 7 machines, and keep the old ones, (SSD already), as, "restore drives". Samsung's migration software doesn't require re-activation, and I figure the less I have to do with M$ about Win 7, the better my quality of life will be.

So, perusing Micro Center for these same drives this morning, I'm getting prices of $95. for the 870 500 GB, and $65. for the 250s. I sure am glad I bought a crap load at the lower prices. In fact, I even have a couple of spares to put in enclosures for moving files around between machines.

After all, when I bought the 250 GB SATA drives, they were damned near at price parity with a 250 GB flash drive.

One of the 500 GB drives I bought was only an 860, (as if that really matters). It was only $54..!

Where I've put my foot down about graphics cards, is the $280.00 Newegg wants for a GTX-1050 ti 4 GB. Considering the one I already have cost me 1/2 that, after a $10. rebate. And they don't have enough juice to run your basic Oculus Quest VR headset. I'd experiment with VR at it's selling price, but with the card, ii would be well over a grand.

If you could even get one, god knows how much even a 1080 would cost new..

I paid €200 for the gtx 1050ti 4gb last year was genuinely the only card I could find anywhere and the only card I didn't want to get. Searching online and personally visiting 20 stores. At the time I was disgusted I had to pay €200. That's about $235!!!! For an old gen card.

Now I am ecstatic I did. They are priced over €300 were I am in Spain. Again disgusting.

I actually bought this to run an Occulus rift for my son. And it DOES run really well. Very surprised it does. But it's got decent FPS and pretty smooth even on demanding games.

Regardless as soon as I purchased it I was hunting for at least a gtx 1650 or something anything with more juice.

Doesn't look like I'll be doing a new build, or upgrading this year.... possibly next year.
Very gutting as my boy an I were halfway through a new build. :(


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IMO AMD wastes silicon on the gameless PS5/Series consoles rather than their CPUs and GPUs.
Eh? When current console deals were made, AMD didn't have permission to use TSMC at all. So basically consoles were supposed to zero effect on AMD's production capacity. Console chips are not AMD's products.

Yeah situation changed but that happens.