AMD details 2010-2011 roadmap, Fusion still forthcoming

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Matthew DeCarlo

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AMD held a press conference in Singapore today, discussing the company's plans for 2010 into 2011. The chipmaker said it would focus on pushing its transition to 45nm fabrication tech for improved performance and power efficiency in desktop and notebook parts.

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Well Intel does cpu+gpu, but intel graphics suck so the fusion platform is finally an area unique to AMD where they can really take some names. Especially with their phenomenal evergreen technology. I'm actually excited to see what they can do with this platform to make it their exclusive home turf. Unless of course, hell freezes over and intel and Nvidia partner up to do something similar. LOL.


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The new Intel i3/i5 CPU showed that Intel graphics have come a long way. They're finally close enough to AMD's integrated that it's possible to do some basic gaming on them. AMD is still in the lead, but if that's any indication, they'll have a fight on their hand.


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The new integrated GPU from AMD based on the 5000 series will be really fast and most likely will be able to play a lot of modern games.
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