Amd Duron 650 Soc. A Cpu

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May 19, 2002
  1. STOP LAUGHIN AT MY CPU, im tryin to find out information about over clocking this CPU, any help or programs that i can download would be very helpfull, also tryin 2 over clock, a graphics card , geforce2 mmx200, cheers lads,gals,

    Martin :)
  2. MrGaribaldi

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    Just a few Q's before we start... Have you ever oc'ed anything before? Are you aware of the risks involved with overclocking?

    If you answered no to either of those, read here first..

    One last thing before we start..

    What motherboard are you using?
    The reason I ask is that it's helpful to know if it allows you to set FSB (Front Side Bus) speed, Clock Multiplier and Core Voltage... (Just check in the BIOS to see if those options are there or not...)

    Ok, let's begin...

    The easiest way to overclock your system is to increase your FSB... Increase it slowly in small increments until the system becomes unstable... (run prime99, Sisoft Sandra 2001 (burn in/stress test), 3Dmark or another benchmarking program to see when you encounter problems...)
    When it does, increase the Core Voltage a wee bit, and check again... As the system is stabilized, increase FSB again...

    Do this until you reach the desired speed, or until increasing Core Voltage doesn't stabilize the system..
    If the latter occurs first, back down the FSB until it becomes stable... The reason your system is unstable is that your PCI/harddrives/cdrom/whatnot can't cope with such a high FSB..
    You have now hit the max speed your system can handle...

    There is another way of overclocking your system which won't put as much stress on the rest of your system, but will require you to modifiy your cpu slightly.. (NOTE: Your mobo might not support doing this, as it needs to be able to set clock multiplier...)

    First you have to unlock the L1 bridges on your Duron..
    Here is a guide which tells you step by step what to do...

    After you've done that, boot into the BIOS, and increase the clock multiplier... Start off modestly and increase from 6.5 to 7... This should give you a Duron 700... Then try the next step... Keep this up until system becomes unstable, then increase Core Voltage, then keep on going :)
    Your Duron should at least be able to hit 800, if not more...

    You can also combine the two methods of overclocking, but then start with the clock multiplier, find the max stable speed, back down one step, then start increasing FSB speed...

    NOTE: Overclocking with your FSB is putting a lot of stress on your entire system, and not only the CPU... Which in turns mean that things might stop working...

    NOTE: When increasing the Core Voltage, you're giving the cpu more electricity to cope with the higher speed, and this in turn produces more heat... If you're not careful, you might fry your cpu!

    NOTE: When overclocking your system, you might come to a point where the entire system won't start, and you'll have to reset your CMOS... (How to do this is described in your mobo manual) It is therefore important to write down the different settings in your BIOS, as these will be lost after the reset...

    Hope this tells you most of what you want to know...

    If you post your system specs, we can help you further with what you need to do...

    Just don't forget that overclocking your system shortens the lifespan on the components, and you might end up killing your entire machine! :dead:
  3. martin_oneill2

    martin_oneill2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ive never overclocked before, im only doin a test on this cpu, (600) i have a 1.4 AMD here waiting for installation, im aiming at 750 hopefully on this CPU, that 150mhz faster should be ok, the computer has no pannels on the side, and a 300watt powersupply, the motherboard is a 'LEX MOTHERBOARD BN780'

    what programs do i need? i will be a benchmark before and afterwards.

    sorry for shouting before, i was puttin the main details in caps, sorry,

    Cheers for all that information.


    System Spec (lex motherboard, 327MB SDRAM, 40gb maxtor, 10gb westen dig, dvd, CDRW, geforce 2, sound, broadband internet, 300watt power, winxp)
  4. martin_oneill2

    martin_oneill2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    this is a picture of the computer at current

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  5. MrGaribaldi

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    NP with the shouting... :)

    I'd increase the temps to 60 and 50 respsectivly... it won't kill your mobo/cpu, and'll allow you to reach higher speeds....

    Sorry, the name of your mobo is totally unknown to me, and Google can't find the manufacturers homepage... :(

    So if you could boot into the BIOS and see if there are any options to set clock speed, FSB and core voltage, it'd be great..! (otherwise I can't help you...)

    You won't need any other program than one of those listed in my first post...
  6. martin_oneill2

    martin_oneill2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cheers for all the help, im gonna do it 2moz, i will start off with the pencil trick, then tell you how it goins, cheers for all the help and links, very intresting !!! cheers mate
  7. JAV

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    As Mr. G says: be careful! Small steps. I offer these programs to hopefully help you do as Mr. G says: for "CPUCool" (settings for FSB & system info) & for "Fresh Diagnose" (benchmark & system info).

    For the video card: for "Riva Tuner". 8)

    As Mr. G said: be aware of the hazards of oc'ing & be careful if you do it. Go slow. ;)

  8. uncleel

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    I have one of those 600HHz Durons that advertised @ OC to 1gig. It was stable @ 850MHz, but I opted for a T-Bird 1.2 & don't OC anymore. Why? Running office applications & stability or more important to me.
  9. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    In order to Overclock your graphics card you need to enable coolbits, which will add overclocking sliders in the Advanced/ More Options section of display properties.

    The easiest way of enabling Coolbits is via a Tweaking program such as my Tweaking Program >> TweakDB.

    Get it Here >>

    But even if you decide to O/C your GF2MX200 you should realise you are not likely to get huge increases out of it.
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