AMD FX-8320 crazy temps

By Ivibezz
Dec 17, 2014
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  1. , I have an amd fx 8320 with an r9 280 with the stock cooler, it's at 3.5 ghz, no overclocking, and I was just browing twitter, facebook etc., I left HWMonitor on and when I came off (20 mins later or so), it said max temp 73 or so?!?!?! During gameplay the fans are louder than a chainsaw... I was looking at getting some decent thermal paste and a 212 evo, but I dont know if that will help. The airflow in thecase is quite poor. I'm too scared to start fiddling around with my case again as I don't want to **** anything up, I'd like to rewire it but again I'm worried I'll **** it up..
  2. red1776

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    Do you have plans too or want the future capacity to OC?

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