AMD or Intel for a new system?

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I am going to be building a new system for christmas and i wondering wheter i should go with a AMD or Intel based computer. I have built intel systems in the past but have not worked with AMD at all. Also, this computer will be primarily for gaming, graphic and web design, and internet browsing and such.

Other specs i have on the computer right now:
DDR 400 512x2
250GB SATA150 HD
DVD Burner
DVD rom

Also, if its better to go with AMD, i was looking at an intel that was Socket LGA 775 Pentium 4 630 Prescott 800MHz FSB 2MB L2 @ 3.00Ghz and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to a comprable AMD processor.

Link to processor:


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hey buddy welcome to TechSpot

I believe you would be better off with an AMD64 3200+ seems to be the direct match for the P4 630 (atleast to what i know)

also because ur primary use is gaming/graphics I high recommend the 3200+ over the 630 heres a good comparison guide. they used many different types of benchmarks to directly compare these two CPUs:

I think the 3200+ is a lil bit cheaper too.. i believe the Venice is the better core maybe some other members can correct me on that if im wrong:


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I agree with truflip, AMD gives you much more bang for the buck. My shop specializes in gaming systems, and all the techs here will tell you the same. There are some out there that will say just the opposite. Do a little research and read the posts that I'm sure will follow this one, there are many knowledgable people here on this forum.


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AMD all the way for gaming. The Venice and San Diego cores are the best core out there. Though another thing you might consider is what you are going to be doing with graphic design. Intel might be a better choice if you are going to be doing alot of complex 3d graphic rendering. But if you are talking about 2d stuff I don't think going Intel will really make a difference.


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Type of Graphic Design

Well mostly i will be doing 2-d web graphics for some web pages and stuff and maybe a little 3-d rendering but nothing really hardcore so its mostly 2-d stuff.


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if no hardcore 3d-ing then the AMD64 3200+ will do u good. just make sure u get the Venice core.. i wish the 3000+ was still available. it was cheap and can EASILY get to 3500+ speeds no problem hehe


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with your ram, you should go with amd system. high end intel system runs DDR2, so DDR1 won't work. at current market, amd's cpu is much better value and performance than intel's counterparts.
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