AMD updates Fusion line-up with three new APUs

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AMD has introduced three new Fusion APUs belonging to the E-series and C-series. The new processors include the E-450, E-300, and C-60, which will replace current models on its respective…

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The E-350 is a very nice cpu for netbooks. Lenovo sold a ton of their X120e netbooks with this chip and it got solid positive reviews from users.

I will be very interested in how the E-450 does especially with the improved graphics upgrade.


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Very very good, though I think you made a mistake on the last paragraph "Finally, the power-conscious C-60 APU takes the place of the C-50. Both are DUAL CORE PARTS o..." or you meant something else?

Julio Franco

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@kibaruk, that is correct. The C-60 and C-50 have two Bobcat processing cores however the latter APU is being phased out soon.


E-350 is a pretty nice chip indeed. I have a e-350 notebook, and I can play counterstrike source @1366x768 with 4XAA at 51FPS (catalyst 11.8). before I got 47fps with catalyst 11.7, so it's good they still tweaking out performance improvements on this chip.