AMD has introduced three new Fusion APUs belonging to the E-series and C-series. The new processors include the E-450, E-300, and C-60, which will replace current models on its respective price points and power output specifications.

As we learned in our review last February, the AMD Fusion platform combines Bobcat cores together with GPU cores to create Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). The Bobcat cores are a significant step ahead of Intel's Atom as they're out-of-order 64-bit cores.

The new E-450 APU replaces the E-350 we tested earlier this year, boosting its CPU frequency by 50MHz to 1.65 GHz and adding DDR3-1333 support. The graphics part of the chip receives a more significant upgrade, the new Radeon HD 6320 core increases clock speeds from 492MHz to 508MHz and also incorporates Turbo Core for a potential boost to 600MHz. This will hardly make the APU fast enough to play games at high resolutions, but in our E-350 tests the platform showed some promise considering its affordable nature.

The E-300 replaces the E-240 chip, dropping clock speeds on both CPU and GPU parts but adding a second core, so overall it should make for a positive impact on most applications while maintaining the same 18W TDP. Both new E-series APUs also gain support for HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort++. The former enables 3D output on enabled displays, while the latter allows a single DisplayPort to output HDMI and DVI signals.

Finally, the power-conscious C-60 APU takes the place of the C-50. Both are dual core parts operating at the same base frequencies but the C-60 adds Turbo Core on both CPU and GPU sides. Frequencies can be increased from 1GHz to up to 1.33GHz for the CPU core, and from the flat 276MHz up to 400MHz on the graphics side when Turbo Core is enabled.

AMD has stated that all three processors will become immediately available in products from select manufacturers.