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Jan 25, 2007
  1. ok, back in the day i bought my first computer. was in 99, a dell. i decided today that i could prolly use some of its old components with my old but newer computer. i haven't used the dell in like 4 years cuz it stopped working, most likely due to hard drive failure.

    well, the first part i decided to work with, was the old sound blaster live card. looking at the sound blaster site, it seems to be a Sound Blaster Live! Value, model # CT4780. now, since its been such a long time, i don't remember what cords came with it, though i can easily figure out where to put them. i do have a black cord, and i'm betting there is a green one too, since there is a green insert in the card ;-), though i don't see one anywhere(i'm a packrat at times).

    so i'm also wondering, is it plausible to get such an old card into a newer xp system? currently i just have an onboard nvidia nforce audio, and i'd have to take out the drivers for that, but i also couldn't find any drivers for this card on the sound blaster site. i did hook up the card however, and my comp was "plug and play" ready for it and had its own drivers i guess. though my cpu's fan started making a weird sound after i plugged in the card.

    well, tell me what ya think, way past my bedtime so sorry if i'm not coherent!
  2. jb444

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    Hi, if you have got the card in your case and you have installed or xp has the drivers, just plug a 1.5mm jack into the green socket and whatever connections your amp has and it should go (lovely thing about sound cards is that they have never taken me more than about five minutes to set up).
    If your cpu fan is making a strange noise after you installed the card you almost certainly knocked it so its rubbing or there is a cable it is hitting.
    Also, an 8 year old Dell probably dosent have much worth keeping, that time ago a system with 8Mb of RAM could set you back thousands (That could be rubbish, my sense of time isnt very good)
    Good luck
  3. halo71

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    Why waste time with that? Its so old, why not buy something newer? Or are you just bored and seeing if you can get it to work????
  4. likenew

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    just bored =-) my old dell has a dvd player on it too that i had once thought about transferring. when i bought it, it was pretty "top of the line", 600 mhz p3, 20 gig hd, 32 mb diamond viper vid card, 256mb pc100 sdram. i'm using the altec lansing ada 880 speakers and the dell trinitron 21" monitor right now too, thats it though. and yea, that system cost a bundle, like 3500! wish i had most of that back!
  5. Tmagic650

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    If you are running XP, I don't see a problem using these older devices. I just installed a SoundBlaster 128 in an XP, SP2 system and it ran fine
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