Android hit with first Trojan, racks up charges via SMS


TS Evangelist
Kaspersky has reportedly discovered the first Trojan specifically aimed at Android-based handsets. Identified as Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a, the malware is disguised as a harmless media player application and prompts users to install a seemingly standard .APK file that weighs just over 13KB. Once installed, the Trojan sends SMSs to premium rate numbers (those that charge) without the owner's knowledge, allowing the criminals to collect money from charges to the victim's account.

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"The more Droid gets, the more Droid does you out of"...(To be spoken aloud , in the deep, emphatic, self important voice of an announcer) :rolleyes: :haha: ROFLMAO
About two months ago, I was on a sketchy mobile porn site on my Droid, and a download started without any prompt from me. It was called 123USA, but the file type was not supported on Android (I'm assuming it was an executable or a batch file) so the download couldn't commence. It made me laugh though, that I came closer to getting a virus on my phone than I've come to getting one on my PC in years.