Another CPU machine upgrade

By bandit
Jan 21, 2011
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  1. I have the emachine t 2958 with the Intel 845GV mother board. at this moment i have a Intel Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz 2.67GHz with 1.24GB of Ram. I have also Done a test with Ram on this computer and has found out this this one here will support 2GB of ram. I dont understand but what ever.

    But I would like to know what can I upgrade my cpu too. I want a dual core but i dont know were i can go with it. is there a way I could get a Intel Core Duo T2060 / 1.6 GHz I just want something Dual Core I need some speed thanks
  2. orondf

    orondf TS Booster Posts: 94

    Sorry, but you can't upgrade to a dual-core CPU without buying a new PC.
    I have heard of an adapter to put a laptop CPU in a PC like yours, but I have never seen it at any store, and it doesn't work on all PCs.(Laptop CPUs are usually dual-core)
    You can upgrade to a Pentium 4 CPU (if you can find one which is compatible) (they are single-core), but I recommend getting a new PC if you need speed. (I have a Pentium 4 HT CPU and its slow so I'm getting a new PC)

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