Antec 902 RGB

Hi All,
I have the above case which I love the style of but want to add RGB to it, can anyone tell me if the following fan would be replace the original 200mm, they are both 200mm but the cooler master has a different shaped guard,

cooler master masterfan mf200r rgb 200mm fan



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The body of the Cooler Master fan isn't going to fit into the case, as the Antec 902 has specific cutouts to make the 'big boy' fan fit flush with the top:


Unless you're handy with a Dremell, it's a no-go unfortunately.
I saw Antec make their own brands Prism fans but can't seem to find one in 200mm ARGB, I love the case but want it ARGB


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Ok so looking at your thread at toms I found this by accident.
Be sure to read both links carefully before you decide to do anything.