AntiSec hackers to release 2.5 million of Stratfor's client emails

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Dec 28, 2011
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  1. Stratfor, a global intelligence firm based in Austin, Texas recently became the latest victim of the online hacker collective Anonymous after their servers were breached over the Christmas weekend and information…

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  2. I'm a graduate student and Stratfor subscriber. What they provide is open source intelligence. In simplest terms that is openly available information backed up by expert analysis. Items of global significance that never make it into the popular press because it requires an attention span of more than 30 seconds to piece together. The subscription has proven quite useful in my studies, as it is superior to most journalism products.

    I would personally like to thank the Anonymous group for their brave attack on the establishment. Presently I'm a working student with a wife in the hospital and a young family to look after. Because of your heroic attack, I have to cancel my credit card and carefully monitor my credit bureau reports. That's the way to stick it to the man; Robin Hood my ***.
  3. Gamesinner

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    A socialist by any other name is still a socialist.
  4. Perhaps your children will live in a safer world. You can thank us then.
  5. A safer world where parents on a straight path end up claiming bankruptcy because of education requiring a tight budget and the actions of another ruining chances of financing, inevitably taking food out of their children's mouths.

    Nice and safe.

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