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Oct 28, 2003
  1. reusing older computers /? alright i have 2 pc's that i wanna get setup and running, a gateway 700mhz p2 and a hp 500mhz p2 i think, now i have each time set both computers up with win98, but i would have sooo many problems with both, the infamous blue screen of death would appear every minute for no reason, does anyone know why or what i can do just to have a stable machine? or do u guys think it could be bad ram??
  2. Justin

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    Both machines are giving you lots of bluescreens?

    It's hard to be of any help with such generic information. When do the bluescreens occur / what are you doing when it happens? Also, give us a little more detail on the machines in question: What type of hard disc, what type / how much RAM, the video card used, et cetera.

    Have you tried an operating system other than Windows 98?
  3. SNGX1275

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    If you arent' using them now, then start with a fresh install of Windows98. That 700 will run Win2k without a problem, and actually that 500 wont' be too bad (I know cause I've ran w2k on a p2 300 with 176megs of RAM). There really isn't any strong reason that you should BSOD that often unless there is something wrong with the hardware. Lots of things can cause blue screens in 98 and like Soul says its hard to tell with that limited information.
    But those computers are definately worthy of use still, if you don't think so I'll take them off your hands for slightly more than shipping costs :).
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    Windows 2000 and even XP will run fine on either computer, providing the hardware is not faulty.

    I have installed both 2000 and XP on a very large variety of older systems, ranging from early pentium II (233MHz) and up.
  5. Justin

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  6. LNCPapa

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    OUCH! That must've taken ages Soul.
  7. therealdeal329

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    hey guys thanks for the replies, i'll try win 2000, i usually get .vxd errors, i have a seagate 15 gig hard drive, 256 mb ram video card is built in... thats for the 700 mhz. i heard something about removing the communications crap from windows and reinstalling it, but by the time i tried to do that, the computer totally crashed out on me, it didnt want to start back up, so im starting fresh now... im gonna try win2000 on the 700mhz

    thanks again
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