Aol 9.0 Vpprepop

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Dec 8, 2003
  1. When my dad trys to start Aol 9.0 He gets this message:

    this program has performed an illegal operation


    Can anyone help me with this ????
  2. Network geek

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    yea, get rid of AOL. hahah no, maybe try to uninstall it, an then reinstall it. i would also run ur virus software. once you have uninstalled. what does it do once it says this? does it shut down? how far does it make throught the start up? what kind of connect are you using? something maybe not be set correctly. answer these questions and we can go from there.
  3. Network geek

    Network geek TS Rookie Posts: 34

    ******what kind of connection are you using
  4. poertner_1274

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    I would suggest re-installing AOL. Go get a disk from a local computer or electornics store, and just install it over the existing install and see if that replaces the files that are messed up.

    If that doesn't work, then uninstall it completely and reinstall it from scratch.

    BTW :wave:Welcome to TechSpot :wave:
  5. Nightingale03

    Nightingale03 TS Rookie

    Did anyone ever figure out how to fix this? It's happening to my computer too. My AOL was working fine for months, then yesterday it wouldn't load. I uninstalled and reinstalled AOL9.0...I called AOL 3 times (nobody know's what they are doing there) I even reinstalled Windows...nothing will fix it. I had to go back as far as reinstalling an old AOL 5.0 disk just to get online.

    I also reinstalled using 2 different 9.0 disks and I even downloaded it from online....I get as far as 96% installed, then it gives the Illegal Operation message for vpprepop :rolleyes:
  6. StormBringer

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  7. Nightingale03

    Nightingale03 TS Rookie

    I read that thread earlier....I searched the web, called AOL, called HP. Nobody knows how to fix this.
  8. GuruConsulting

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    Ah, the dreaded Vpprepop problem

    Darbs97 drop me an email and I will share with you the solution.

    General information on the problem: There is a program conflict that occurs in all machines and all versions of program managers. Who is in a specific part of memory first and does not wish to share.

    I will post the solution after Darbs97 confirm that it works in all cases.

    Guru Consulting

    Well, I have confirmation that this has worked in sevral situations.

    The problem originates with a software conflict between Viewpoint and AOL. Foloow these insturctions and you should be able to install AOL 9.0.

    NOTE: Please Close AOL before following these steps.

    1. Click START, then click CONTROL PANEL.
    3. Select Viewpoint Media Player (Remove Only), then click ADD/REMOVE or CHANGE/REMOVE.
    4. Click YES.
    5 Restart your computer
    6. Install AOl 9.0

    If you require the Viewpoint program then:

    7. Click on MyComputer icon on the desktop
    8. On the menu bar, click TOOLS, then click FOLDER OPTIONS.

    NOTE: In Windows 98, click the View menu, then click Folder Options.

    9. Click the VIEW tab.
    10. Select 'Show All Files' or 'Show Hidden Files and Folders', then click OK.
    11. Click START, then click SEARCH.
    13. In the All or part of the file name box, type


    then click SEARCH.

    14. After the search completes, double-click VIEWPOINT.EXE.
    15. Click I AGREE.

    Guru Consulting
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