Apple could be replacing iTunes on Windows 10 with a new app


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First reported by Neowin, the LinkedIn listing asks for a senior software engineer. "The Media Apps team is looking for a creative senior software engineer to work on the next generation of media apps for Windows. You will help build innovative features that will delight millions of customers around the world." it reads. The job is also advertised on Apple’s website.

Apple killed off iTunes earlier this year by splitting it into three separate apps: Music, TV, and podcasts. Cupertino said the software would continue to be available on Windows, but it appears iTunes is being replaced on the platform. The listing says the job will suit an applicant if they "love music and you are passionate about writing code."

In the job ad’s required qualifications, Apple writes that "experience with UWP is a big plus," meaning a potential successor could have Universal Windows Platform and Win32 versions, making it available on various platforms, including the Xbox One console.

With the project only in the hiring stage, expect it to be quite some time before iTunes is replaced on Windows by something else—assuming that’s what Apple has planned. Most people don’t even use the program anymore, so it’s unlikely to be a big miss, particularly if the company comes up with something better.

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Most people don’t even use the program anymore
I would say that's woefully incorrect. I've never used anything but iTunes for syncing my iPhone (originally our iPhone 6, now our new iPhone 11 models) or my iPod Touch (4th-generation).

So, assuming Apple does come out with a replacement, it should a) automatically pull in my music library that I already have on the PC, b) allow me to continue adding music as I buy new CDs (as I much prefer having physical media available for music as well as digital), & c) continues to be free.
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"Most people don’t even use the program anymore" - based on what data? Seems like a broad generalization.

However, personally I haven't used it in years since the program got bloated and buggy around 2012, and streaming via an Amazon device via Bluetooth to my receiver is much easier. And for local content, Plex is all I use.


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I hate iTunes so much and would gladly welcome a replacement to transfer data to my iPhone.
Then buy SynciOS and forget about iTunes. Great program using it a long time. Can even browse file system to drop e.g. project file to a specific directory without iOS shenanigans.

iTunes is pathetic, especially if you operate in Windows ecosystem. So many times iTunes wiped all data from my phone or iPad. Unfortunately device backup to iCloud can only be done with iT and then is the moment when iT can do many "interesting" things.

Before starting iT I first copy everything from my iOS device via direct link on SynciOS and then even if iTunes screw something I have copy locally.