Apple kills Xserve, adds Mac Pro Server configuration

By Matthew · 15 replies
Nov 5, 2010
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  1. Apple has announced that it will discontinue sales of its Xserve rack-mountable server as of January 31 and it has no plans to develop a future version of the enterprise offering. The company will continue to ship the server's hard drive modules through the end of 2011 and it will provide full support for machines already sold, honoring all warranties and extended service programs. For businesses intent on sticking with OS X-powered machines, Apple has published an Xserve Transition Guide (PDF) with information on deploying Mac Pro or Mac mini machines with Snow Leopard Server.

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  2. edison5do

    edison5do TS Rookie Posts: 231

    in my company we use almost the same spec as the initial one of Apple, and did´nt break the 2k barrier. I really dont understand why their **** have to be so dam expensive, if you go to dell you get the same **** 40%cheaper....!!

    I really dont run with that about brand name or stuff like that, I run by the Facts, and the fact is. Its damm expensive.!
  3. edison5do

    edison5do TS Rookie Posts: 231

    Imean where I work (even if is my father company).
  4. Osiris391

    Osiris391 TS Rookie

    Nothing to see here folks. Just the same old overpriced hardware you would expect from Apple. It's amazing they are able to make a profit.
  5. biotank

    biotank TS Rookie

    I think Apple just realized they can't compete in the server industry ~~~
  6. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,372   +69

    For the prices they charge you'd think they'd make it in the usa.

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,255   +454

    Apple made servers?
  8. blaacksheep

    blaacksheep TS Rookie Posts: 70

    Cash-strapped businesses payed 40% more than necessary for Apple-brand servers?
  9. UT66

    UT66 TS Rookie Posts: 143

    I like to build and maintain my own pc @ stuff. i will never ever ever buy apple. its like taking a pc and ditching all the advantages...
  10. f111

    f111 TS Rookie Posts: 23

    For something shiny, with an apple logo. (dont forget the advantages of apple)
  11. compu4

    compu4 TS Rookie Posts: 46

    Why, in hell's name, does the base Mac Pro server have a 5770 graphics chip?? Firstly, you can't play any good DX11 games on a MAC. Secondly, nobody is going to use a server to play games; the device may not even output any data to a monitor.
  12. Apple price includes OS X Leopard Server with UNLIMITED licenses.

    Price your beloved cheap Windows box with a copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise with only 25 CALs. Hmmm, lets see, 2000$ + "$3,999" for the OS = $6000. Hmmm, twice the price and only 25 CALs with the Microsoft box.

    Apple's box is a STEAL. Not to mention the chassis is fantastic.

    PC users are so naive sometimes. Goes with the territory I guess.
  13. Compu4, more and more software, including Apple's OS natively, make use of all that lovely GPU power for computationally intensive tasks. It makes sense to include a reasonably good Graphics card in current relevant servers today. Kudos to Apple for not selling a horrendously overpriced rack server with a crappola graphics chip (Dell anyone) that can barely drive a remote connection.

    The high quality under 3000$ Apple machine which includes a very easy to use, highly capable (unix-based) OS with limitless client licenses is really an excellent bargain when you compare it to a similarly configured Windows Server.
  14. peteyhawkins

    peteyhawkins TS Rookie Posts: 19

    There is one hosting company out there that runs mac minis and mac pros only. I think this is a bit extreme. Now that apple runs on basically pc hardware, they should just release snow leopard server that will run on all x86 or 64bit intel systems... it wouldnt be too much of a stretch for them to allow it on amd setups as well... and sell it for a more premium price.
  15. Dear god, were there any real IT people USING Apple servers? I didn't know they still made them. I've heard horror stories about companies trying to make an Apple network and then scrapping the idea to go with Linux or Windows. Apple has become a sad punchline. All you see about them lately is bad news. You know, they say that any press is good press.... I don't think so anymore when I look at Apple. Glitchy software, defective hardware, bad customer service.... Everyone say goodbye to Apple while you still can....
  16. skitzo_zac

    skitzo_zac TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 418

    Hot damn I wish I could buy an empty Mac Pro case for standard ATX hardware, would make an awesome PC case!

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