Apple may be preparing a cheaper iPhone made of plastic for 2014

Shawn Knight

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Loyal iPhone users and potential buyers that are waiting for a larger handset may have to keep sitting on their cash for another year. A new report from Japanese Apple-based website Macotakara claims that a larger iPhone is being pushed...

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I can imagine how apple boast their new cheaper version iPhone.. "now, with plastic unibody made from polycarbonate more lighter than aluminum"


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Apple has made it very clear that they have no intentions on releasing a "cheap" iPhone. If anything, they will release a "less expensive" alternative to their flagship device.

It's all in the wording. Apple's smart like that.


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With no Steve Jobs to rein them in, I can see Apple walking the same road they did in the late 80s - early 90s.....They could easily become the next Nokia or RIM...


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We also heard rumors that Apple would produce more than one phone to capture more of the market. So they may have a top of the line phone and a cheaper plastic one so they can fill out the market better. I can't imagine their only phone will sell for $330. Apple has never priced a product reasonably, and they know they don't have to.

If their only new phone is $330 new, that means every previous iPhone will also drop in value. I'm betting the $330 iPhone is a discount version of whatever their new flagship will be.
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