Apple producing 13.3-inch Retina displays for new Macbook Pro?


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It appears Apple plans to expand its line of Retina-toting Macbooks, fortifying its line-up with a more portable 13.3-inch Macbook Pro model. Currently, the only Macbook to sport a Retina display is a 15.4-inch Pro model with a steep starting……

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As a side note, Samsung is the manufacturer for these Retina panels. Interestingly, Samsung and Apple have been embroiled in an enormous lawsuit regarding their phone and tablet designs. It was announced this weekend that Samsung lost the case, leaving the company reeling from more than $1 billion in damages.

Apple with Samsung manufacturing so many things for that company, it is secure to say that Apple is in well position thanks to Samsung in many things.


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Amidst the huge technological advances that both companies are delivering to the market, their legal disagreements start to look more like a farce to keep a timid observer from their plans of ruling the world together, without being harassed for the monopolic policies.