Apple renews interest in vehicle project, shifts focus to self-driving capabilities

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The big picture: Apple’s on again, off again electric vehicle project is reportedly back on again, and has shifted into high gear with a tentative launch window roughly four years from now. The company certainly has the money to fund the project, but have they developed advanced enough tech to make it a reality yet?

Sources familiar with the matter tell Bloomberg (paywalled, via MacRumors) that Apple has renewed interest in the project and has shifted its focus to self-driving capabilities.

Apple has been interested in getting into the automotive industry since at least 2014 when CEO Tim Cook reportedly approved Titan, a top secret project to develop… well, we aren’t sure. Rumors over the years have been all over the place and have included everything from a full electric Apple-made car, a self-driving vehicle, partnerships with existing automakers including BMW and Hyundai and nearly everything between.

There were even rumblings that Apple had abandoned the project and would instead focus on making autonomous driving software for other automakers, but now it seems Apple has renewed interest in making its own vehicle after moving VP of technology Kevin Lynch over to the project this past summer.

Bloomberg notes that Apple has hit a “milestone” in the development of its self-driving car system, describing the chip it has created as the most advanced component yet to come out of Apple. It is primarily comprised of neural processors that handle AI-based tasks needed for autonomous driving. The chip could run hot, however, which would force Apple to devise a sophisticated cooling system to keep it from overheating.

The publication also believes that Apple will still need to partner with an established automaker on the project, especially if it hopes to meet its self-imposed deadline of about four years from now.

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I almost guarantee we won't be be seeing anything in 4 years from now in regards to this actually happening.

Apple is too conservative to take the risk and building their own production line. And a partnerships with anyone is likely to fall apart knowing Apple's outrageous margins.


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I'd like to see full, sustained cooperation with no setbacks and Apple not blocking current and future right-to-repair legislation in place years before I would even consider an Apple car and having to deal with their repair policies for something that's expected to break down and be repaired and maintained constantly like a car.


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Titan is almost certainly an infotainment and self-driving system, I.e. a do-it-all macOS system for cards. Apple isn't going to be doing anythings serious in the actual realm of automotive design, with the possible exception of some uber-costly electric novelty golf cart.

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Apple in the car business? Can you imagine having to go to one of their dealerships for any service work? Or how much of your personal data in driving will be sold off and to whom? And the prices ... you'll be paying 2x to 3x more just for having their sticker on the side ..... naaaaa, they would be better going into the commercial space business .... yeah .... Apple vs. SpaceX ..... now there would be a battle worth watching!