Apple will build a $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas


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Today, Apple announced it will start construction on a new campus in Austin, Texas, as the company is looking to expand its presence in the region. The company is committing $1 billion to the ambitious project, which is going to become operational as early as 2022 and house 5,000 employees.

The new facility will be close to the 244,000 square feet plant where Apple is assembling new Mac Pro computers using around 500 people. Coincidentally, this is also the place where CEO Tim Cook and Donald Trump are set to meet this afternoon for a tour of the manufacturing lines.

When finished, Apple's Austin campus will measure 3 million square feet with enough room for 15,000 employees. Naturally, this means bragging rights for the company, as it is "on track to contribute $350 billion to the US economy between 2018 and 2023." And President Trump is happy with the development, as it highlights how big companies are creating US manufacturing jobs.

The Cupertino giant aims to create around 20,000 jobs by 2023, and is also looking at places like Seattle, New York, and Pittsburgh to expand its footprint in the coming years.

Apple has mostly kept out of politics over the years, but as of late it's been making small and subtle steps into it as a result of the current trade war between US and China, which has the potential to greatly affect its bottom line.

Tim Cook has been cultivating a personal relationship with President Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump, through several private meetings and diners. It's likely that Cook will once again discuss Apple's request for tariff waivers during the visit at the Austin manufacturing facility, as the decision to make the new Mac Pro in the US was possible through federal exclusions on 10 of the 15 parts that have to be imported from China.

Apple isn't the only company looking looking to build additional campuses throughout the US. Google is also pouring $1 billion on a New York project, while Amazon is trying to convince the city to help it build a $3 billion headquarters.

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And now, the standard of living and taxes in Austin get to skyrocket again! Austin better not turn into San Fran.
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Of course Austin was their choice in Texas. It is one of the melding pots for all of the snowflakes coming out of California staging their blight to spread across the state with their socialist ideals. Shocker.
So everyone b!tches about crApple shipping jobs off to China, yet when they bring them back, people then say, NIMBY. Got it!
And now, the standard of living and taxes in Austin get to skyrocket again! Austin better not turn into San Fran.
As I see it, that's the trouble with an economic system (like the most prominent one in the world today) that is based on supply and demand. When there's enough demand, people will charge exorbitant prices because they can.

Uncle Al

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While it would be more challenging, Apple is missing a golden opportunity to pick up on an untapped labor force that, while not as sophisticated as the Texas model, has PLENTY of labor seeking people. Kentucky has been devastated by the coal bust. With the amount of Federal $$ for retraining, Apple could pick up a very grateful labor force. Down side, they would probably find themselves with labor unions none too soon and the amount of "high living" establishments are fewer, but man, the liquor can't be beat and having a Thoroughbred for a pet would certainly be eye catching!

Lew Zealand

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I have to guess that Texas has some pretty fantastic tax laws for businesses as quite a few set up shop there. Perhaps Kentucky hasn't quite sold itself out that way just yet?


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Maybe they will build it next to a refinery or chemical plant. You know, one of those that blow up / explodes almost daily releasing toxic crap for miles around....because, you know, Texas is business friendly and regulations are onerous, who needs those!!

Nothing beats saving a couple of bucks in a regulation-free state. Enjoy the fumes!!
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Of course Austin was their choice in Texas. It is one of the melding pots for all of the snowflakes coming out of California staging their blight to spread across the state with their socialist ideals. Shocker.
I bet you also whinge that Apple have lots of offshore jobs, such as in China. So, let's be honest, no matter what Apple does, you'll always be first in line to whinge.

Slappy McPhee

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And you fail to see the racism in the response.
lmao ... racism? Please enlighten me as this response you have provided clearly shows unless you can prove otherwise that you use the term "racism" as a broad paint brush for something you find offensive. Unless you live in the state of Texas you have no clue what is going on here and how the migration of people from the Socialist state of California has negatively impacted Texas as a whole. Apple's whole premise on choosing Austin is a clear sign as they make with their products on perpetuating the stereotype about themselves. Austin has a certain reputation and perception which is most likely one of the driving factors that they chose the city as their location. There are plenty of other cities in Texas that could have been very viable; Dallas, Fort Worth, Midlands, Houston, San Antonio, etc. Either way sometimes bringing jobs isn't always a great thing when they come with too much baggage. People from California need to flock to other states desperate for tax dollars and population that wouldn't mind having the negative impact that their mindset brings along with them.
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Hi Ho Dilligaf

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"Flextronics America" has been assembling Mac Pro's in NW Austin area since 2013. In June this year Apple announced they were going to China with their latest buildout facility. This new facility addition shows that recently negotiated exemptions from tariffs (there are at least 15 components the Mac Pro uses from China), combined with preferential tax-benefits from Texas and Austin has changed Apple's mind.
The point 'Slappy" and others make about the imports from Calizuela is sadly, highly justified. For the last 4-5 years as more west-coast tech has moved here, most of the people they bring with them have continued the same mindless, ultra-left socialist views that they had in Calizuela.
Reference the recent pc, inclusive insane sex education curriculum approved by the Austin ISD, or follow along with the drag-queens reading books in libraries to young children - taken there by parents.

STOP right there; I'm not against ANYONE having their OWN way of life. Live and let live as they say.
I am dead-set against anyone FORCING the rest of us to kowtow, or accept and PARTICIPATE in whatever they do, whether it's radical left or right views and actions.