Arctic's Freezer 50 TR is here to cool your Threadripper cores


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With its tallest CPU cooler to date, Arctic's Freezer 50 TR is meant to be "an extremely powerful cooling solution for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU," which also comes fitted with the company's first set of fully addressable RGB lights.

Measuring 147.8 mm (L) x 149.5 mm (W) x 165 (H) mm, the Freezer 50 TR features an asymmetrical dual-tower design that utilizes eight U-shaped 'Direct-Touch Heatpipes' for better heat distribution and ensuring it dissipates quickly, considering the ample amount of cores underneath.

Two Arctic P-series fans (120mm and 140mm), which the company says are ideal for heatsinks, work in a push-pull configuration for better cooling, less noise and reduced installation height.

Arctic also states that the cooler's contact surface does not cover the entire heatspreader, but it completely covers the processor die, even on the largest versions of the CPU.

Another thing to note is the RAM clearance, which for a cooler this size could be a concern. Due to a massive heatsink and a tip on the cooler's underside, Arctic recommends using RAM sticks with a maximum height of 37.5mm, though higher ones can be accommodated if they have V-shaped or centrally recessed heatsinks.

Weighing in a rather chunky 1.2kg, the Freezer TR 50 will set you back $64.99 and has an optional RGB Controller for setting up its A-RGB lights with the rest of your PC components.

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Sounds like an awesome cooler BUT I will not be buying one for my new computer until it is offered without the multicolored flashing lights. As I have posted previously, I am not a gamer and have no interest in purchasing coon tails and mudflaps on what should be a working tool, useless adornment is not required, thank you.

It sounds like a threadripper lite on a 570 mainboard with 32 gigs of RAM and 500 gigs of M.2 backed up by a 1 TB SSD Internally and an NAS farm plugged in the back for legacy data would be the way to go. I like keeping my stuff at home instead of storing it publicly in the cloud. Add a video card capable running 3 4K flatscreens and this is shaping up to be my next box.Windows 10 remains in the picture because I still need that to run the Nuance SR.