Artifacts at default GPU clocks! (With AtiTool Scan)

By spencer22l
Jan 21, 2009
  1. I'm trying to overl**** my Geforce 8600gts and
    I used AtiTool newest version.
    I scanned on default for artifacts and I see some..
    I circled it in the picture, top left corner... What is wrong with my graphic card!?

    ps. This is completely something else but...
    how do I upload photos? I always upload it sumwhere else,
    then right click, property for URL.... Is there a way to directly upload from
    my computer to here?
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    You must have misspelled "clock" :) Your video card is an Nvidia card. Does Nvidia have a video overclocking tool. This tool might be in the Nvidia Control panel. It takes more than a software program to overclock. Your power supply, your motherboard's bios and configuration and the amount of memory can affect overclocking. What are your complete system specs?

    Pictures files have to be limited to a certain size/type. At the bottom of the posting window you will see the options
  3. red1776

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    to add to Tmajics thoughts Ati tool artifact test includes the heat up phase, in addition to what Tmajic said they can be caused by vram that is getting to hot. many times overheated vram will show up as green lines or blocks, or one of the graphics layers to turn an odd color, like a purple sky or such.
  4. spencer22l

    spencer22l TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    Ohh I didn't know that so much things are influencing it....;;
    I just thought I could use AtiTool ~_~; I've tried nTunes also...
    But I think this AtiTool is better..
    Anyways heres my specs;;
    And about this graphic cards "I thought this was overclocked" clocks,
    I ran the AtiTool over night and had no error so I think it is pretty stable...;

    I have 2 Samsung DDR2 1GB PC2-6400U CL6 in dual channel.
    I bought it not in Canada,or USA but in Korea =) (lol)
    My graphic card is from some korean company as well as my PSU which is 430w.
    20+4 pins, V2.2, +12V = 30A, +5 = 28A, +3 = 28A
    Some infos.. lol;; I don't really understand what these are @_@
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